Trading Contests

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Trading Contests

Everyone the world over want to fell like they are the best at something and for traders in the markets this is doubly true. By our very nature we are competitive and always looking for the angle. We want to know that we can do something that no other trader can, that we have the secrets and they do not. Which is why contests are in our very nature. The world of Binary Options is full of chances and opportunities to prove our knowledge and skills in the markets and nothing gets our blood pumping like a good old fashioned “who is best” contest.

Generally speaking these come in the form of traditional binary options trading over a set amount of time but this is not the be all and end all of them. In fact they come in a myriad of forms which vary from the investment amount and the type of stock to the time allotment. If you look around the top binary brokers you will probably soon discover that there are several contests running at the same time which can net a few lucky winners some fantastic prize money.

Trading Contests

If you are wondering right now how you can become one of these lucky winners well the answer is obvious. Be the Best Trader You Can Be. How you go about this is entirely down to your individual trading style but there are a couple of quick tips you may want to keep in mind as you go about your chosen contest. Firstly and most importantly is patience; primarily because this is a trading contest but also because risk factors should always be included in each and every trade.

Throwing all your eggs in one basket can net you big profits it is true but equally it could net you big losses. The best advice is always small low risk traded in quantity and when you find a sweet spot then take full advantage of it and press it like there is no end. Be careful not to fall into the throwing your eggs cycle however.
Next in our list has to be of course strategy.

It is our bread and butter. Oddly it is important to have a different strategy to that you would normally use to trade with due to often truncated timetables. Strategize and plan and when you think you are ready, check it again. Having the maths of your plan worked out beforehand is a good way to keep your trading in check and help you avoid the deadly pitfalls of getting carried away. Equally a plan on what to do in given circumstances is also wise.

The best thing about binary options contests has to be their frequency which means that it is always a good idea to have a spare strategy in you back pocket so that you don’t have to spend hours planning at the last second. It is also a good idea to have a read through of the rules and regs, T’s and C’s and anything else involved in your chosen contest. Be aware of the entry conditions and any stages that are included and most importantly – Good Luck!

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Ganeshan S

I read with pleasure. Thank you. Good article.

Klaus Padolski

Who can tell trusted binary options brokers who regularly have Trading Contests ?

Shay Drennan

Those brokers that I managed to find spend binary options trading contests among customers and honestly say, complete nonsense. Everything is based on the fact that you need to invest as more money and trade, trade, and trade. And whoever squabbles more, he won. Of course, a very good condition. All lost and one won. It is not clear to whom they are following this trading contests. On total losers? It’s not right when a binary option broker can not think of anything else but to ask his clients to trade more and more.


Recently, as a stupid person, I read a fascinating offer from Anyoptions, where I was promised a steep prize for getting into the top 5 players. Although I am a beginner, I always get good and profitable trading on binary options. I pressed the button and started making bets. The more I ascended the stairs binary trading contests, the more difficult it became for me to win and make a profit. As soon as I reached the top 10, someone immediately appeared who was higher and more successful than me. I went to rest and then went on to trade. I can tell for hours how I tried not to succumb to excitement, but it was very exciting and informative. As a result, I did not receive my prize from participation in trading contests, but I did not lose much. That minimal loss of my investment has paid off with the pleasure of the game. Yes, it was a game and not a trade. So I can not say anything bad about participating in trading contests, although my trading friend lost all the money. So keep in mind that trading contests can lead not only to profit but also to its loss. Good luck.

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