Min. Deposit $250
Regulated Yes
In the Money Up to 90%
Out of the Money Up to 50%

General info

The growing tendency in the modern society is to earn a lot of money using your brain instead of hands. This tendency and its possible benefits were implemented better than ever by traders, who are constantly in the search of a reliable broker.

FMtrader Financial Trader

Even though the design of the actual broker is rather simple and reminds a bit the one used in Green Zone the closer insight dispels this impression.
It appears to be very easy to find everything you need at the actual web site that provides even a glossary for complete newbies, by the way all newbies can turn into professionals using the option “Trading Academy”. As well the broker gives all necessary information in 6 languages. This feature makes it very attractive for those users who don’t speak English.

FMtrader Accounts

As well as many brokers FMTrader allows you to start from free account and proceed to other accounts that are in fact more expensive, but have their certain advantages, like bonus that grows from account to account. Together with bonus grow the client’s abilities to perform certain operations with money.
FMTrader’s Muslim clients will be pleasantly surprised with the opportunities that provides Islamic account.
As its special offer FMTrader suggests 10% pay back, what’s more this service is valid even if your option expired out of the money.
Another pleasant feature for any client that decided to introduce a couple of friends to the trading business using this broker is that both of them will receive a bonus that depends on the deposit amount of the referred friend.
So as you could note among the actual pluses of this broker the biggest one is a user-friendly design that includes not only glossary for beginners but as well the whole library aimed for those who want to learn how to trade from a scratch. As well FMTrader’s flexible client policy makes it one of those brokers that are worth to be named among the best ones.

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