Min. Deposit $100
Regulated Yes
In the Money 87-91%
Out of the Money 0-23%
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Finmax Review

Finmax is one of those binary options brokers that emanate confidence. Beginners will find it very convenient and accessible – you need only $100 for minimum deposit, demo account is available, lots of education materials are at their disposal, and of course, the profitability range is quite decent. However, it doesn’t mean professionals won’t find their place with Finmax – they can enjoy more advanced account types. The broker has put together a well-designed platform that suits all the needs.

It should be mentioned right from the start that we deal with a regulated broker. Finmax, which is operated by Morris processing Ltd 2, located in Sofia, Bulgaria, is licensed by the Russian Financial Relations Regulation Center (FMRRC).

Account Types

With Finmax, both beginners and professional traders can try their luck, as the broker offers 5 different account types that differ in deposit size, trading conditions, and potential bonuses. This is a great approach, since not all the traders are ready to deposit $5000 for example. Yet, those who can deposit such an amount, don’t they deserve more privileges? It doesn’t mean that Finmax does not pay attention to modest traders – the broker simply tries to be generous with everyone.
Besides the standard account type, which requires at least $100, you can also choose from:

  • Bronze – this account requires $250 minimum deposit and can offer up to 25% bonus;
  • Silver – deposit – $1000; bonus – up to 50%;
  • Gold – deposit – $500; bonus – up to 75%;
  • Platinum VIP – the broker has not displayed the precise conditions for this account, but we’re sure you can contact their team and find all the needed info. VIP traders should have a lot of privileges!

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Maximum Payouts

All the traders are quite curious to know the profitability of a binary broker before making any decision in favor or against it. Well, we have read that the return can reach 90% of the investment. However the average winning rate is much lower. For example, if you trade EUR/USD, which is one of the most popular assets, the winning rate with the classic options can reach 74% per each trade. The good news is that you can also trade Above/Below options, which can generate up to 200% of the initial investment. Yet, you should take into account the higher risks of these contracts.
Even if the average return with the classic options seems to be lower compared to other brokers, you should think about the fact that Finmax is regulated and safe, which compensates this apparent drawback.

Assets and Instruments

Finmax has a wide list of assets. Moreover, you can trade contracts with expiry times from 30 second to several months. Accordingly, there is the whole range of instruments and expiry times, so that you could choose the best contracts.
With this broker, you can trade over 30 company stocks, 14 indices, 25 currency pairs and 8 types of commodity instruments based on 4 commodities.

Deposit and Withdrawals

If you want to open a live account with Finmax, you will have to deposit at least $100 for the standard account type. This is lower than the average amount required by other brokers out there.
Finmax pays special attention to the safety measures, such as SSL encryption and the implementation of segregated accounts, so that your funds are kept separately from broker’s money.
The payment methods are quite standard: credit/debit card, bank transfer and electronic systems such as Skrill, Qiwi or Yandex Money.

Customer Service

Finmax customer service team is actively engaged in helping its customers to find solutions to any potential problem. The client can get in touch by phone, email, online chat, and Skype. We think that these methods are more than enough to get a professional help.


We were quite surprised by Finmax services. We thought we would find a young broker that is still trying to find its way in the binary industry. However, the reality was that Finmax acted very professionally, and in many instances it exceeded our expectations in trading system by binary options.

Latest User Reviews


Finmax still needs a lot to improve, like scale configuration or quantity of indicators or withdrawal methods. But Finmax is better than the vast majority of other brokers.


I have just opened my account on Finmax. So far, trading has been good. Thanks to their trading signals. But what I want to know is about the withdrawal process. Is there anyone here who’d tell me about their experience?


Hi there, Edward. No worries about the withdrawal process on Finmax. Been trading with the platform and your money is guaranteed to be in your account within 48 hours. Hope that takes away your worries.


Hello. I’m interested in binary options trading but I’m still a newbie. Can anyone suggest where I can study?


Hi Will, there are many places on the Web you can learn from. But Finmax also provides ongoing education to the traders who use their platform. They also assign a personal manager and analyst to you. So you get all the hands-on education from experts while trading.


Been trying the Finmax demo account. What I want to ask anyone trading on Finmax already is to share what their winning rate is on the platform.


Been trading on Finmax for more than a year. Here’s the thing about binary options trading: You need to follow the rules to give yourself a higher winning percentage. Based on my experience, the arrows are giving me between 71 – 84% success rate.


I decided to test the broker
I created my account and made an initial deposit of $ 500 via Skrill.
After opening two trades, the account has been frozen for the status.
They requested to send documents for verification, I sent them and everything was alright.
I kept trading, and took my $ 500 account to $ 4409.20.
And then I asked for a $ 2409.20 withdrawal.
I made a video of this withdrawal:

According to the customer’s agreement the withdrawal could take up to 5 working days, then I waited, and kept doing my negotiations.
My account has reached $ 7312.90
On the last day of the deadline for the withdrawal, they simply returned the amount of my deposit of $ 500,
And they blocked my access, erased all my negotiations and my withdrawal too, as if I had never made an account there.
Support no longer answered me, so I contacted facebook, and they blocked me too.
Giving confirmation of being a SCAM company.

Finmax blocked at facebook:

So what is your position on advertising the fraudulent company that steals your customers, as they are using your name as a reference?
I’ll be spreading this information all over the world.

Best Regards


My knowledge of binary trading was minimal but by watching Finmax webinars and observing experts on Social Radar helped me make winning decisions.


Good morning
i was starting trading with you last year then due to illness i could not continue. i would love to have my money back almost 500 USD.

Can you please let me know how to do it as in the UAE looks like the website is blocked.
thank you for your time


I opened a Bronze account on Finmax and earned quite a nice profit from it. So far everything is going smoothly and the personal account manager they gave me continues to give me regular trading advice. This is very helpfull.


I invested over $20K with finmax for binary stock options trading and believing now it was a scam. My online investment account kept showing that I was having earnings on the expiration dates, therefore, in the money. What I asked for some of my available balance they reinvested instead.Scam!!!


Anything that claims you can make ____ without doing anything is a red flag. Yes, investments and such CAN make you money but when they promise outrageous figures without giving you a solid reason on how it happens,FINMAX SCAM!! I have learned to avoid things like this but so many still fall for them.


Hi, finmax is a confirmed SCAM and no one should join their program. I joined them depositing $500 and lost heavily. I won only 3 trades out of 7 losses. No chance of making $1000 a day. I am now trying to withdraw my balance and the broker is not allowing me to withdraw. They wanted me to lose full deposit.


Well, again, just another scam….I played until I pretty much lost almost all funds, I have never seen any weather move like that, and it’s all New York area, but, still, I am convinced they are another new scam…

Ali Said

I lost money in a week. Although on another broker I win. I noticed that the higher the rate, the more difficult it is for me to win, and the chart starts behaving differently from the charts of another broker

Ali Said

When will the trade in crypto currency be allowed in Canada? I’m frightened by this article about the ban. Canadas Fintrac Has Concerns Over Blockchain Anonymity


Nobody knows, go to Israel.

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