Top Crowdfunding Resources For Getting Your Dream

Top Crowdfunding Resources

That’s where Top Crowdfunding Resources come to the rescue

– this is the place where everyone can donate their money to realize your dream!

1. Kickstarter

Kickstarter – the most famous and universal web resource for financial assistance. On this site, designers, researchers, inventors, artists, directors, musicians, writers and even artists publish their projects. Kickstarter – global crowdfunding platform, to attract funding, representatives of any country of the world can place their plans.

Kickstarter was launched in April 2009 and over the years has collected more than $ 450 million in donations from over 3 million people.At the same time, thanks to this web resource I managed to finance 35 thousand creative projects. It is worth noting that Kickstarter works on the principle of “all or nothing.” That is, the author of the idea indicates the necessary amount and sets the deadline, during which it is necessary to raise money. If the required amount is collected, the author receives the money and bitcoins ( What is Bitcoin )

But if you managed to collect, for example, only 80% of the total amount, then the author does not receive anything. In addition, Kickstarter takes a commission of 3-5% of the collected money. According to the statistics of the resource, about 44% of the announced projects successfully collect the necessary amount of funding.

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2. Indiegogo

IndieGogo – is a global platform for obtaining financing. Founded in 2008, it allows you to post ideas of various types: from technology to cinema and music. If the published project does not collect the specified amount in time, the service takes a commission of 9%, if it collects – only 4%. For four years, IndieGoGo has helped to implement 45,000 projects.

3. RocketHub

RocketHub – can be called an analogue of Kickstarter. It was launched in 2009 and compared with it on the universality of published projects. On the other hand, RocketHub does not work on the principle of “all or nothing”. How much the project has earned, the whole amount remains with him. However, in the event that the financial goal is not met, the platform takes away not 4% of commissions, but all 8%. So it makes sense to collect all the requested amount still there. Another additional 4% is a system that processes plastic cards. RocketHub offers many training aids on how to most effectively create your project on a platform and attract the required amount of money.

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4. GoFundMe

GoFundMe, – unlike Kickstarter, is more focused on the business audience, and allows its users to collect money for almost any purpose – from paying medical bills to financing missionary trips. Commission platform is standard and is 5% of the amount collected. Payment systems additionally take 2.9% + $ 0.3 per transaction. But in the case of raising funds for charities, the system commission rises to 4.25% due to the inclusion of FisrtGiving in the chain, which provides all communications. To date, the platform has successfully financed more than 300 thousand projects with a total amount of $ 105 million. Given the number of unique site visitors – more than 3 million in the period July-August – this platform ranks first in popularity among the platforms for collecting funds for personal purposes.
Top Crowdfunding Resources

5. Razoo

Razoo – is more than just a crowdfunding platform for collecting donations. This is a whole movement of people who want to make generosity and help the surrounding part of their lives. The platform has registered more than 1 million organizations, to which you can send your funds. The Razoo platform works equally well with several groups of participants: Non-profit organizations, individuals, companies, funds and other structures. For each of them, a whole set of tools is available, facilitating and automating the task of raising funds. The platform commission is a modest 4.9%, in which all other products are already included. The percentage on one side is low, on the other hand, given that in most cases it is a question of fees for non-commercial projects, it is slightly higher than that of a number of other platforms. The minimum amount of donations is limited to $ 10. Since the launch of the platform, more than 1.3 million people have made their donations for more than $ 160 million. Most of it was collected over the past year.
Top Crowdfunding Resources

6. Crowdrise

Сrowdrise – is a platform created to raise funds online for charity needs. The platform exists on a commission of 3% of the payment amount, as well as a voluntary contribution, which also falls on the shoulders of sponsors. The size of this fee is from 0 to 10% depending on the sponsor’s desire. The additional commission of the payment system in the amount of 2.9% + $ 0.3 per transaction is also not going anywhere. The positive point is also that no registration is required to support the project. Crowdrise is one of the very first platforms specializing in charity initiatives. Launched in mid-2009, it has already helped many charitable foundations and raised significant funds.

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7. PledgeMusic

PledgeMusic – Crowd-hosting platform that provides musicians with a set of tools for early involvement of fans in the creation of a new product. With a wide range of tools including website, pre-order system, iPhone application, email marketing, social networks, widgets and more, artists offer fans to become partners in the creative process. The business model of the platform, if you do not take into account its additional services, is based on a commission of 15%, which is collected from successful projects.

In these 15% includes all additional payments and commissions of payment systems and other intermediaries. A noteworthy scheme is the payment of collected funds to authors. After deducting 15% commission, 75% of the remaining amount is transferred to the author immediately, and 25% – only after the digital media of the product (album, photos, video clip) is uploaded to the PledgeMusic platform. Platform PledgeMusic is in the full sense of the word international.Both projects and sponosors can be from any country in the world. However, international transfers are often subject to additional payments.

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8. Sellaband

SellaBand – is CrowdFanding platform that helps musicians to collect the missing funds for recording a song, publishing an album and other tasks. SellaBand is based in Munich and Amsterdam – the creative capital of Europe. Since its launch in 2006, the platform has been involved in the recording of albums by more than 80 artists sponsored by their fans. In total, more than $ 4 million was invested through the platform. The platform works on the “All or Nothing” model and has one very interesting feature – the money is not returned to the sponsors. That is, the sponsor can at any time withdraw funds allocated to support a particular project. However, they only return to their private office. You can not get them on your card. This rule is explained by the mystical laws of the Royal Bank of the Netherlands. At the same time earnings earned through the division of profits can be easily withdrawn to your PayPal account.

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9. Appbackr

If you want to do something on your mobile device, find your application is Appbackr for you! This site provides a chance to find applications that are currently on sale or at the development stage. The concept is this: buying an app from the Appbackr list at a low price, and the money you will pay will be spent on developing the application or financing it.

Once the application starts to earn in the App Store, Appbackr will pay the sales value of the application. Overall, Appbackr charges a certain amount to launch its crowdfunding business, but there is no fixed interest rate. The amount will depend on the price of your application, and may vary depending on several factors. It is recommended to read the “FAQ” section and contact the administration for clarification.

At first glance, the scheme seems very complicated, but once you have tried it, you will discover the Appbackr site for further development of projects.

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10. Crowdfunder

Crowdfunder is a British crowdfunding platform, specializing in attracting small investments (up to 500 pounds) for projects. Investing a large amount is possible, but for this it is required to coordinate its initiative with the leadership of the platform. Crowdfunder in its work adheres to the scheme “All or nothing,” which means that the project receives the invested funds only when the amount claimed. If the goals are not achieved in terms of the volume of funds raised, they are returned to investors. The Crowdfunder commission is 5%, which is one of the lowest indicators in the market. At the end of 2012, Crowdfunder merged with the Peoplefund. it crowdfunding platform, which resulted in the alliance of the two platforms taking the lead on the British market.

Main choice of strategy
If it concerns the implementation of dreams and the launch of your projects, it is very important to know the sequence of actions to achieve your goals. If crowdfunding sites for you is the solution to all the related problems, then it is important to choose the right site for you: to study all their advantages, disadvantages, commission size, etc., in order to avoid making mistakes. Also, it is important to properly launch your marketing campaign on social networks, or even run a video on YouTube – it is important to make your project interesting, attractive, and most importantly – unique!

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