Top 10 Leading Online Investment Platforms

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Investment Platforms

Top 10 Leading Online Investment Platforms

For quite long we have been using with financial advisors to invest our money. The correctness and consistency of their services have always doubted, but we had no choice. And now that IT-technologies are taking over the world, we can choose the services that are based on automation and data analytics. Nowadays, nearly 37 billion dollars are managed by online investment platforms, called robo-advisors. Here are the top 10 of them:

FutureAdvisor: Future Advisor delivers expensive wealth management services to the middle class. In some ways, Future Advisor’s service is similar to other offerings on the market; it uses algorithms to optimize the portfolio for a potential customer. It offers free services around portfolio optimization and the aggregation of investment data into a single source. Unlike other services FutureAdvisor client has roughly $100,000 to invest and has multiple accounts with various companies. Should a client want Future Advisor to really execute an investment strategy, the company can do that.

Betterment: The company has received $105 million in five rounds of funding. Betterment is a robo-advisor which uses index funds and an automated allocation system on the basis of an investor’s risk tolerance and time period. It helps people to have better control on their wealth and to grow it with the help of progressive technology.

Motif Investing: MotifInvesting, a Silicon Valley-based company, is an online brokerage that allows investors to invest in stock and bond portfolios built around everyday ideas and broad economic trends, and create customized motifs. The company has developed a unique financial product called “motifs” which works like low-cost exchange-traded funds. A “motif” is a registered broker-dealer.

Personal Capital: The company has managed over $800 million invested by clients. The company’s services are used by over 600,000 Americans to track $100 billion+ in accounts on the free software. The company’s service combines free tools that gather and analyze all of the investor’s financial data with a financial advisor to help manage and grow his investments.

AlgoNest: AlgoNest is a high-tech robo-advisor, which uses innovative algorithmic technology that allow clients to profit from operations on currency markets. For the management of Client’s accounts AlgoNest uses strategies based on proved economic indicators. AlgoNest specifics is that also manages Clients short-term accounts, the Investor can withdraw its profits in as early as 7 months. The Company’s strategies proved to be a good balance of high-profits and low-risk. AlgoNest has recently launched branches to serve Asian and European Clients.
Nutmeg: Specializing in investments, ISAs and pensions, the company provides an online investment service that’s smart, direct and unbiased.

Wealth Horizon: A low-cost online service, WealthHorizon offers investors investment advice starting from as little as £200. The company is targeting investors that fall into the so-called “advice gap”(those who don’t want to pay the expensive for a financial counselor’s knowledge).

Vaamo: Vaamo, a leading German robo advisor, is dedicated to providing people with an easy and instinctive access to markets in order to enable everyone to invest their money profitably and at minimum cost.

MoneyFarm: Money Farm, the only online financial advisor in Italy, provides first-class investment advisory to small savers through an accessible, pleasing and hassle-free platform. The company’s clients can build their portfolio with Money Farm’s asset allocation recommendations, manage it through time and perform all the trades in a very simple and efficient way.

Swanest: Based out of London, Swanest is an online-automated wealth manager using smart technology to build and manage custom-fit investment plans. The company helps their clients to reach their future financial objectives.

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