The country’s largest real estate agency had a quieter December, with sales down 5.4% and the average selling price down 2.1% compared to December 2017

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The country’s largest real estate agency has reported a slower December compared to December 2017.

Harcourts’ average selling price, number of sales, number of new listings and stock on hand were all lower in December 2018 than they were in December 2017.

 The average selling price of all residential properties sold by Harcourts in December was $605,216, down 2.1% compared to December 2017.

The agency sold 1570 residential properties in December, down 5.4% compared compared to December 2017 and also received fewer new listings, which were down 14.9% compared to a year earlier.

There was also a 6.3% decline in the total number of residential properties the agency had available for sale comapred to a year earlier.

In Auckland the agency’s average selling price in December was $928,004, down 7.8% compared to December 2017, while the number of slaes was down 15.1% and new listings were down 20.5% compared to a year earlier.

The total stock of homes aveilable for sale through Harcourts in Auckland declined from 1679 in December 2017 to 1496 in December 2018 (-10.9%).

In Harcourts’ central sales region which includes the Waikato and Bay of Plenty, the average selling price in December was up 5% compared to a year earlier but market activity was softer, with sales down 9.1%, new listings down 17.4% and total inventory down 3.2% compared to December 2017.

In the Wellington region the market was was also slightly quieter, with 5.5% fewer sales in December compared to December 2017, while new listings were down 4.9% and the total number of properties available for sale was down 5.2%.

Harcourts’ average selling price in Wellington was $521,088 which was was well down compared to November’s average of $559,081 but up 2.6% compared to December 2017.

Things were a bit brighter in Christchurch, where Harcourts’ average selling price was $553,390 in December, up 1.8% compared to December 2017, while sales were up 7.2% over the same period, although new listings were down 7.4% and total stock was down 3.2%.

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