Sylvenus Semo is Proof that Talent Doesn’t have to be a Backup Plan, It Could be the Main Plan

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Are artists made or born? That is a question you may have asked yourself at some point. This amazing talent that some people have, is it innate or something they worked hard to achieve? The athletes, the footballers, the artists etc. Can anyone do all these things if they put their mind to it? Well one artist by the name Sylvenus Semo believes that artists are made. “To be able to be good at what you do, you have to practice and work hard at it,” he says. Growing up Sylvenus always liked to draw. He would scribble on the floor and his book covers. He made sure to join a high school that offered art and design to better his talent. Becoming better with each year it was only natural that he would join an institution of higher learning and continue with a course in art. This is when […]

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