How to Handle Call Center Crisis Situations

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82% of surveyed American customers claimed that their journey with a company would typically end once they experience poor customer service, according to Small Biz Trends. Sadly, it costs much more for any business to bring in a new customer than to retain the current ones. While your telemarketing team has heard all types of complaints from customer inbound calls, they should never be immune to the complaints.

In times of a crisis, how they can handle the situation will determine where you stand in the market once the crisis is over. Luckily, learning how to handle customer complaints is all it takes to cement your relationship with customers.

Here is how to build a strong relationship through inbound calls:

Have a Script Ready

Anyone who receives an inbound call simply acts as the face of your business, according to While your call center agents might be seasoned in their line of work, simple interaction with angry customers can frustrate them too. To avoid having them at a loss of words, why not create a script?

The script should include phrases like ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ and ‘you have come to the right place.’ Such phrases help to keep the customers at ease and improve the flow of communication between them and the agent. However, train your agents to also make the conversation look authentic instead of following the script word for word.

The Tone Matters Too

What your call center agents say only accounts for 7% of the message that they are conveying. Their body language will hold 55% of the message while their tone will convey 38% of it. Since body language is out of the question, the tone of your agent should also match the message they wish to convey to the angry or frustrated caller.

Customers need to find comfort in speaking to an agent, and they need to see a form of resolution of their problems at the end of the conversation. You can train agents to improve their tone by using the various call center tools including call recording, live monitoring, and quality assurance metrics.

Role-Playing Can Be Pivotal

There is nothing that can introduce the authenticity of having to go head to head with an angry client than speaking with one. Since it might be tough to train anyone on the job, role-playing sessions can be pivotal in guiding the call center agents on how to react. Each team member can watch their colleagues handle different simulated calls from frustrated customers and pick up tips on how to approach the situation.

To make the situation more authentic, you can create the script of an angry customer from past call recordings. In these training sessions, you need to ensure that the call center agents are not only assertive at offering advice, but they are also comfortable enough when approaching the situation. You can record the interaction sessions to offer them an idea of how they would have handled the situation differently.

Use Call Monitoring and Call Whisper

Raw data from actual calls with frustrated customers will go a long way to gauging the quality of your training sessions. Why not record these interactions in real time? Use tools like call monitoring and call whisper to record calls as they happen.

Other than these calls providing insights on how to best train current employees, they can be used for years in the future training of recruits. However, you should not discriminate in terms of the call you record. Both good and bad calls should be used to reflect the path that would satisfy the customer best.


The modern-day customer expects only the best from the companies they interact with. It all starts with great customer service and conflict resolution protocol. Consider the tips above to improve your customer retention rates.

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