Facebook Custom Audiences: By Time on Site

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Let’s say you’ve given Facebook ads a try.

And you’ve set up your Facebook pixel in order to gather your website visitors who are logged into Facebook while checking out your site, knowing you can advertise to them later.

And you’ve created your first custom audience of all your website visitors.

You’ve even created a Facebook custom audience of visitors to specific pages on your website.

And you’ve created at least 1 Facebook custom audience from your email subscribers.

And you’ve set up a couple video views audiences of those people who have watched your Facebook vides.

And even set up your Page engagement audience so you can advertise to people who have engaged with your Facebook Business Page in some way.

Are there any other types of Facebook custom audiences you are missing?

Try setting up a Facebook custom audience of visitors by time spent on your website.

Facebook Custom Audiences By Time on Site

Facebook Custom Audience by Time Spent

It’s done in the same interface as creating a Facebook website audience of pages visited, and is a helpful way to easily target those people who spent the most time on your site, with your ads. Simply click to create a custom audience, choose “Website Traffic”, and then click on the drop down menu next to “All Website Visitors”.

Choose “visitors by time spent”.

Visitors by time spent

Then select if you want the top 5%, 10% or 25% of site visitors, and how many days you want to go back.

Choose percent of top website visitors

You can use Visitors by Time Spent for specific pages of your site as well.

What are some creative ways you have targeted your website visitors?


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