Email Marketing Trends to Watch for In 2019

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Like all forms of digital marketing, the use of emails for promoting businesses is going to change significantly in 2019. Many of the changes will follow along with how website content, social media, and paid ads are evolving due to technological advancements online. Artificial intelligence, consumer targeting, automation, and images/videos will take center stage in 2019, and now is the time to get ready for them.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) started gaining traction in 2017. In 2018, people started implementing it. This has paved the way for much greater use of this technology heading into 2019.

AI measures and understands metrics related to how consumers interact with content. For instance, chatbots are now being used more than ever on websites and social media. And, it looks like they will be used much more in emails come 2019.

Chatbots understand user entered data and can respond to it accordingly. Not only does this make it easier to meet the needs of consumers through automation, but it also allows for greater personalization – two extremely important trends you’ll read more about below.

AI allows marketers to set up prompts that will lead consumers to the desired response. For instance, an email may ask if the recipient is interested in learning more about the specials for the week. A response to that email may immediately send another email with the specials, and then an additional question or recommended product. The response to that email will result in another email, and so on and so forth until the desired outcome is achieved.


Consumer Targeting – Personalization

Bulk emails are out, and personalized emails are in. With email spam protection programs becoming smarter every day, marketers need to make sure their promotions are tailored specifically for individual recipients. If not, they won’t ever make it to their destination.

Personalization doesn’t only include using the person’s {first name} {last name}, as many automated programs have been letting businesses do for a while now. The message must also be targeted to the consumer. Considering past purchases, emails should recommend re-ordering of products or follow-up services.

We are also likely to see a return to more text-only emails versus highly promotional newsletters with graphics and images. Users report that the text-only emails feel more personalized compared to being bombarded with image heavy emails that can come across as spammy.

Does this mean that marketers need to send individual emails to thousands of consumers? No. Email marketing automation programs are available that will research consumers’ past purchases and send scheduled emails identifying those purchases and recommendations for others. Once you set your business up on these platforms, personalized emails can be automatically created and sent.



That brings us to what all marketers love – automation. Automation allows marketers to create a series of emails that are automatically sent once a prospective customer takes a specific action.  While small businesses have been using elements of automation for years, in 2019, marketers will be able to do even more with it as a result of the growing AI trend.

AI provides the technology to fill the need for email personalization and automation is the way to execute that technology. Through combining AI and automation, businesses will be able to send customers emails offering personalized subject lines, content, promotions, surveys, and more, which should generate greater engagement and encourage customers to take action

Marketers will be able to automate many different email campaigns to pertain to each group of consumers. This will not only increase the effectiveness of the campaigns but save time so marketers can work on other efforts.


Visuals – Images/Videos

While we may see a return to text-based campaigns, that doesn’t mean image and video content will suddenly become obsolete. In fact, video content marketing is expected to rise heading into 2019. The key with all images and video is that it needs to be relevant, engaging, and authentic.

Marketers should plan to put more focus on creating images and videos that are in line with their business’ values and brand. This type of content creates an opportunity for businesses to develop a personal connection with their consumers, which is key when inboxes are flooded daily with emails. The goal for any marketer is to make their emails stand out among the crowd and thoughtful visual content is a way to do that. They key will be quality content over the quantity of content and a focus on maintaining the integrity of your business’ voice and binary options copy trading review.


Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level in 2019

There’s a lot to be excited about next year. AI, personalized emails, automation, and creative visual content will increase the effectiveness of email campaigns. Be sure to stay connected to us, so we can help you navigate the changes that are coming in the new year. Look for our webinars on email marketing or contact us for more information on how our team can help you with using this marketing technique now and in the near future.



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