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Buy Trading Quotes

Good afternoon, dear brokers.

This article is dedicated to those brokers who conduct their own business independently, and do not lease a trading platform from companies such as Spotoption, Tradologic or other developers.

Do you need trading quotes of assets and stocks? Where to Buy Trading Quotes?

We were approached by developers of brokers for binary options with the question, who is the best provider of quotes. This issue has become very relevant for many of them, since it is your liquidity provider and quotation provider that is responsible for the success of your business. Why? This is a very simple answer.

  • Availability of trading charts and trading assets 24 hours a day, which allows you to provide their services to trade assets around the world, and not just in several regions. Agree that with large initial investments when buying a broker for binary options or developing it, the question is important – who do you provide your services to and the traders of which countries. If traders only trade on your platform for 10 hours a day, then most of the customers simply will not be able to trade and use your services, since you will not have trading charts. This is an important issue for everyone.

  • Validity of graphs. If in a simple way – the rate of change in trading charts. The volatility of trading charts depends on your quote provider, and if it provides trading data from a stock exchange in which some trading instruments are traded very poorly, you will get 1 point of the schedule per minute or even worse – 1 point in 2-3 minutes. Agree that in this version you will not be able to provide services to your traders of binary options, such as:

    – binary options trading for 30 seconds
    – binary options trading for 60 seconds
    – binary options trading for 120 seconds

    This is due to the fact that your trading schedule is a straight line. It is very bad for a broker of binary options and for a trader who wants to get the most out of his broker.

  • Presence of trading instruments, such as trading currency pairs, stocks, bonds and so on. Many providers of quotations (providers of liquidity) provide quotes for all or only part of the instruments. For a broker this is not critical, but not pleasant. As our practice shows, trade is carried out basically only on 9-10 currency pairs, as they are easier to analyze. But we will not exclude those forex clients and binary options that prefer to trade on bonds.

  • The cost of trading quotes. This is an important point, if you are only at the stage of opening your business, then this can be a big part of your expenses, which you certainly want to reduce.

So, we bring to your attention our experience of communicating with the providers of quotations if you need to buy trading quotes.

Buy Trading Quotes form Leverate.

We often see in the advertisement of this provider of quotes, which claims that it can do much, but prefers to sell trading quotes only together with the trading platform. We tried to contact them to clarify all the above issues above. An important word was tried, as this trade quest was not crowned with success.

  • we contacted Leverate by mail, no one answered us
  • we called to Leverate on the phone indicated on their website, no one answered us
  • we turned to our partners who provided us with personal data of the managers of the company Levereit and their manager. And you know what? No one answered us. After 4 months of ineffective appeals to this company, we stopped even trying and so did not receive information on this provider of Quotes.

Can not we be very good for them? Maybe you are more lucky. Good luck.

Buy Trading Quotes form Thompson Reuters

One of the largest providers of quotes in the world. But I’m sure that you will be interested in knowing our experience of communicating with them.

“We contacted the office in Cyprus, which is located in the glorious city of Nicosia. We were listened to and sent to the manager on these issues. After 3 days, the manager contacted us and the most interesting thing began, it is a discussion of issues related to obtaining a license and the possibility of obtaining trading data for the construction of quotations. Yes, they have everything from a dedicated server to a cool support service. An important advantage is the 24 hours availability of trading assets and the availability of BITKON INDEX, which allows you to provide your customers with trade on weekends. An important minus is the cost of trading quotes. You will be provided with a huge amount of assets and shares that you will not use, but you will pay for them. On average (we will not now write about the different types of licenses that this company provides), the cost will be:

  • Approximately $ 3000 one-time payment for connection and configuration
  • $ 5,800 per month for providing data. The important point is that you get dressed up right away for a year of service, and that’s $ 69800. If you are already a large company, then this is not a big payment for you, if you just start this type of business, this amount may seem to you expensive.

The important point is that when buying quotations you need the help of their specialist in setting up the data, it is paid separately, all additional services you pay separately and the cost of their services is high.

If you do not notify the termination of the contract several months before the expiry of the contract with this one, it is automatically renewed. By the way, you need a specialist java, c ++, .Net to support and maintain this service. You decide !

Buy Trading Quotes form Xignate.

A rapidly developing company that has proven itself in the market for providing data for building a trade schedule. The main feature is the availability of data on trading instruments 24 hours a day. Except for weekends and holidays. The services of this service are used by very many brokers of binary options and forex brokers.

Due to the fact that the demand for these trade quotes data has recently grown significantly, Xignate has already increased the prices for the services provided several times. To provide a demo access you need to register, and you will be assigned 250 Hits by default. This means that you can only get 250 Hits, for all assets, agree that it is extremely small to understand the service provided and to determine the valence of the tools. We have repeatedly contacted the manager of the company, and after the manager answers only once a day, our correspondence was delayed for 3 months (!!!!) that for many companies may not be acceptable.

After 3 months of communication, we received data on the basis of which we can say that this is one of the best companies, but also one of the most expensive.

XigniteGlobalCurrencies ($13,000)
XigniteGlobalMetals ($5500)
XigniteGlobalQuotes ($26,250 USA + $21,000 EMEA)
XigniteGlobalFutures ($21,000 USA + $15,750 EMEA)

CloudStreaming functionality (added to the API price)
Streaming directly to apps or devices for 20 symbols or under, +25% per additional 5 symbols.
Average concurrent streams: 100 ($12,600)
Average concurrent streams: 500 ($37,800)
Average concurrent streams: 1000 ($63,000)

If you want to compete in the market for providing services with many top companies, then you will need to buy CloudStreaming functionality, because in this case you will receive data on the flow, and not receive them on request. In the first case, your schedule will be more mobile, in the second – “weak”

Of the big disadvantages is the price, many beginning companies buy only 2 sets of tools, these are metals and currency pairs. According to the contract with Xignite, you pay the entire contract value for a year, there is no payment by months.

At the moment we are communicating with 2 more providers of trading quotes, as we get all the data for comparison, we will be able to share this information with you, but at the moment here is our comparison chart if you want to Buy Trading Quotes from one of these companies.

Buy Trading Quotes

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