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Binary options have huge potential as a tool for earning on the internet, but you will need high-tech trading software to use them. This is what I will introduce you to in my review – the terminal from the Binomo company. I’m not a professional trader, but binary options are my main source of income, which is why I was looking for a binary options trading platform not for gaming, but for earning. Why did I choose the terminal from Binomo? I want to share my personal impressions as a user with you.

1.The interface, usability and quote chart

The trading terminal is very convenient to use – everything is very optional and intuitive. The interface is black and the backlighting can be changed to white. The quote chart itself opens to the whole screen of the monitor, and it can be scaled and you can view the history of price fluctuations for the asset. In addition, there is a function for switching the timeframe (from seconds, 1s, 5s, 15s, or 30s, to minutes, M1, M5) on the chart and switching the asset price display type (mountain, candles, line, bars). Thus, the versatility of the chart will allow you to choose a convenient trading mode, adjust the chart as accurately as possible in accordance with the requirements of the strategy you are using, and perform better technical analysis.

Binomo platform

2. The toolkit for technical analysis

The platform is equipped with technical indicators and chart tools. Do you like using indicator strategies? No more need to “jump” between the windows of the platform and a service of “live” charts, because technical indicators can be installed directly on the quote chart on the Binomo terminal. Available for market analysis are the following: Bollinger Bands, RSI, Moving Average, MACD. At the same time, indicators can be combined in unlimited quantities and their parameters changed, which means that it is possible to easily create templates for various indicator systems.

Also, the platform has built-in chart analysis tools so you can draw a channel, a rectangle, a ray, an ellipses, or a vertical, and also semi-automatic tools for determining mathematical levels on the graph: Hartley, Fork, Fibonacci.

3. The set of trading assets

There are more than 50 underlying assets available for trading on the platform, including major currency pairs, shares of companies, precious metals, crypto currency, and commodities. Of course, on some sites the number of trading instruments is as high as 200 items, but from personal practice I will say that 50 assets is more than enough to choose the most suitable tools for both classic and news trading.
Binomo platform

4. The technology of non-stop trading

The Binomo platform is equipped with a continuous trading function through which you can simultaneously open an unlimited number of options. In other words, the non-stop technology allows you to conclude a series of contracts on one trading signal or trade in scalping mode, even before the open option is completed.

5. The statistical indicator

The platform also has a separate analytical tool – a “majority opinion” indicator, which shows the current mood on the market of the chosen asset for the players on the platform. I rarely focus on the statistics of this indicator because I apply several strategies simultaneously when I trade (so I get more accurate signals), but for beginners it could be a very useful guide for entering the market.

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