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BinaryBasis Review

BinaryBasis is the brand of Overseas Hong Kong Investment Limited Company Hong Kong — asset management company that in 2013 launched binary options trading department.

BinaryBasis offers two different types of services:

First is the trading signal service providing. They issue daily trading signals via Skype with success rate up from 75%. Signals are generated by highly professional financial analysts using special software during trading hours of 3 stock exchanges: Frankfurt, London and New York. BinaryBasis provides signals considering 15 minutes expiry time. You can still use them to trade on your platform, but their signals work best for their recommended brokers.

Free trial account is also available with them, meaning that you can test the signal service within 3 business days trading one of the three available stocks (see above). Worth mentioning, that you can have a demo account during your trial on their recommended broker with 1500$ deposit. At BinaryBasis signal packages start as low as $350. Please note that you can get them absolutely free if you choose to buy one of their VIP packages with free signals and trade on their recommended binary options broker.

Just for your record: you do not need any special software to receive signals; signals, as mentioned earlier, are issued via Skype in Skype trading rooms in real time. This feature gives you the advantage of gaining some experience from other traders and share with them yours.

Moving further and getting down to another type of the service that offers BinaryBasis, and that is accounts managing service. Managed accounts also known as Auto trade is a type of investment that allows traders to enjoy all benefits of binary trading absolutely risk free and without the necessity to place trades on their accounts themselves. The auto binary option trading has many advantages over traditional way of trading options as it is a trading strategy where trades are placed automatically based on an underlying computer program.

The BinaryBasis expert traders will make up a trading algorithm for your account and a special computer program will execute it automatically without any changes to the defined plan. The risk of loss here is reduced to 0%, even if the market is not stable and the fluctuations are strongly marked. Automated systems quickly respond to the market changes, so the trading is constant. The script makes it possible to monitor, evaluate and trade different markets simultaneously at any time. What`s more, the profits on managed accounts start with the minimum 75% and end up with 700% declared profit annually.

Here at BinaryBasis you are welcome to get a free trial of managed account too: the company will fund up your account with $2000 and during 3 days will trade for you. The last but not the least thing about the Managed accounts with BinaryBasis is that you will be able to follow the progress in real time by logging in to your trading account and watching the profit earned for you anytime you wish. After the free trial if you decide to deposit on managed account, you can keep all the profit earned for you within those 3 days. By the way, US residents are welcome here and any other service that BinaryBasis provides!

The last feature about the managed account and it is optional, so you can accept it or not, is that the broker can add a 100% to your deposit, so the trading amounts will be twice higher and as a consequence, your profit will be increased on 50%.

To conclude all the above mentioned, BinaryBasis services are developed to meet different trading strategies, goals and investments with the minimum risk involved. Either novices or experienced traders will discover here a know-how which will definitely contribute to their binary option trading practice.


Ismael Awshura

Half a year ago I, in spite of all the persuasions of my relatives and friends, decided to start a managed account with I will describe everything step by step, how I did it. First they asked me to register with one of their recommended broker, as they managed accounts only on their 2 brokers: and I have studied both: both belong to one and the same financial company and both located in the UK. Well, at least they are in the UK, not Cyprus as I do not really trust off shore companies. At least my rights are under the UK government. Anyway, I chose Apple Options, as it appeared more understandable for me and the site itself is user friendly. I created an account there, emailed my ID copy to and signed the contract. By the way, the contract clearly states how much profit I will get at the end of the contract term (mine was for 5 months). That seemed good sign, as during my investigation before opening this account, I checked with 4 other binary option trading companies and brokers and they did not indicate the guaranteed profit on the contract. Well, for me that was another good sign to start. My final step in this whole “financial adventure” was to make the deposit. I did the wire transfer, and received it next business day. That was great: all done in time, no delays, no much paperwork. And there I was. Trading started. I followed the trading every day, and in the beginning I could login to my account to see the results almost every hour. But after seeing the good results and profit earning I became calmer, just relaxed. It feels so good when someone works for you and you just know that you will get the money. I started the account back in March, the trading finished in August. 2 weeks later the trading finished I got my withdrawal which, you should understand me, was one of the best moments of my life: money, lots of money! I do appreciate the work that the guys did for me. I do not intend to stop, and have already sent another portion of investment, a higher one this time, to get back even more!

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