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ZE Binary Signals Review

Sometimes it seems that everything that could be invented has been invented many years ago and even at the relatively new market of binary options it’s quite difficult to introduce something fresh that could blow traders’ minds. Fortunately there are still companies that know how to amaze its customer one of them is ZE Binary Signals.

We chose this signal company because its a newcomer that showed good results at the market.

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That’s why we decided to check whether it’s true that ZE Binary Signals’ product can bring you on the top of the trading world.

One of our colleagues undertook a free trial that was suggested by the web site and very polite customer support there. If you are curious they really offer a free trial and during 3 days you trade in 1 session testing the signals at the same time plus they give you a personal account manager whose goal is too tell you as much as possible about the service and even to give you some useful tips if you are a newbie.

The session itself started on time and continued during 1 hour and a half. During the session our colleague managed to get 5 signals as it was said in their advertisement at the web-site. He didn’t use ZE Binary Signals’ recommended broker but even in this case the results were quite impressive. In total we got 4 out of 5.

To our deepest pleasure we can conclude that Ze Binary Signals can be considered as a service of good quality and reasonable prices for traders.

We recommend that you use the GROSL BINARY SIGNALS

This service does not provide binary signals services at this moment, so if you are interested in receiving binary signals, we recommend that you pay attention to the Grosl binary signals provider company.

  • A wide selection of brokers is available to you
  • The success of signals above 85%
  • The ability to receive signals in the trading room
  • The ability to receive telegram binary signals
  • Instant use of the signal
  • It is not a “pocket” brokerage service
  • Grosl binary signals provider is interested in the quality of signals
  • More than 100 signals per day

Hesekiel Luukas

To be honest I didn’t expect these great results from a random signal company I found on the Internet. Well done ZE Binary Signals!

Jeong Hwan

So good that it’s even hard to believe he he he…My trial finishes tomorrow, so will write another feedback after I buy their signals.

Navid Gamal

I’ve never tried binary signals before ZE Binary Signals. I consider myself a lucky person since I found a reliable signal company without getting through many scams online other traders.

Heiner Marcell

A good service for those who want to earn at the market without knowing a thing:)I know how to trade but prefer their managed account so far. For now everything seems to be perfect. Thanks ZE team.

Lekan Anan

Great customer support and a lot of clients from Nigeria. Brothers if you read it join me in the house.

Jane Cotsby

Make it work for American customers! We want to pay we credit cards.
As for the service itself – ZE Binary signals provide the product of a fantastic quality. But my positive impression was spoiled a bit because credit cards are not available for payment if you are a US citizen. That’s why if you want to use their signals be ready to bank wire the funds.

Ganeshan Srinivasan

Any idea what happened to ZE binary signal site?


Dear customers.
We apologize, but our service is temporarily kept under DDOS attack. We eliminate the problem and will be available in a short time.
Dear competitors.
We appreciate that you consider us a worthy competitor. We eliminate the problem you created. Soon, we will continue to provide services to our customers and a lot better than you


Thank you for reply, ZE Binary Signals. I am your customer for six months, and have always been pleased at the quality of your service


If you have a claim on the work of this service, please contact us [email protected]

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