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TopTrend Binary Signals Review

TopTrend Binary Signal provider entered the financial market in 2010, offering reliable binary options trading signals to people from across the globe. The company is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland. TopTrend Signal service is using its proprietary technology and high performance tools and services that help traders not just enter financial markets in a fast and secure way, but also improve their trading success rate.

What are binary signals and how to use them for trading?

Nowadays traders have a wide choice of trading signals to choose from. Many service providers offer various types of trading signals to their clients. These signals are intended to guide traders on potential trading opportunities by giving information on successful trade entry, expiry time and direction of the asset price movement. Signals are generated either by automated trading software or they can be issued by professional traders and financial market experts. TopTrend Binary Signal service is using a combination of powerful technology and human knowledge and expertise. The company claims that such approach contributes to consistent performance and eliminates unnecessary risks. In short binary signals are very powerful tools that can help traders generate profit when trading binary options.

TopTrend Binary Signal provider generates signals in its trading groups during trading sessions in the following format: EUR/USD CALL 1.2875 Expiry 14:00 GMT, where EUR/USD is an asset, CALL is a direction of price movement, 1.2875 is a strike price and 14:00 GMT is the option expiry time. All signals are intended for immediate execution. TopTrend trading sessions correspond to the most active trading hours of the world major stock exchanges, which are stock exchanges of Toronto, New York, London and Frankfurt.

Types of trading signals

TopTrend Binary Signals are intended for immediate execution by traders, meaning that a trader should open a position as soon as the signal is provided. TopTrend signals work with most modern binary platforms but traders are encouraged to discuss the choice of a trading platform with their TopTrend advisors. For the best performance the company has a list of recommended brokers. TopTrend binary signals have a success rate of more than 85 percent and traders generally earn profit by following Toptrend signals. For the traders’ convenience TopTrade signals are generated within TopTrend signal platform. Push up notifications allow traders to open trades without any delays, thus increasing win rate and profitability.

For busy investors who are not interested in day trading TopTrend Binary signal provider is offering a subscription to its social trading accounts with its affiliated brokers. One of such brokers is Freestyle options. TopTrend advisors are rather good at guiding investors through the social trading account settings and risk preferences, though the system itself is intuitively clear and straightforward.

TopTrend Binary Signal Service Rating

The customer service of TopTrend service operates efficiently enough and we would like to point out some interesting things that TopTrend Binary signal provider has in its favor. For example, a 3-day free trial which comes with no obligation whatsoever, even credit card information is not required. Traders who possess active and funded trading accounts may trade during the free trial and generate profit. Moreover you may enjoy free signals as long as you deposit and trade with one of the TopTrend affiliated brokers. Alternatively traders are welcome to buy signals on the subscription basis.

Overall characteristics of TopTrend Binary Signal service are rather impressive, and not available in the majority of other binary options signal providers. The service can be recommended both to beginner traders and savvy investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

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