Daily Binary Profits

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Daily Binary Profits

Daily Binary Profits is a binary options signals service that provides a software which analyses the various assets on the binary options market and presents the signals to the trader in the members’ area of the software interface, from where the trades can be executed.

The software uses several methods of technical analysis. However, Daily Binary Profits seems that the software makes use of candlesticks and chart patterns more than any other method of technical analysis, to detect tradable signals on short term time frames.

As the name of the software implies, this is the 7th version of the software, and it focuses on making intraday profits, and compounding same to increase the account size over a period of months.

Daily Binary Profits

Daily Binary Profits. Asset Types Traded

Signals covered by the Daily Binary Profits service cover currencies, commodities, stocks and stock indices. The assets are restricted to those found on the platforms of the partner brokers.

Daily Binary Profits. How it Works

Trading binary signals are delivered to subscribers via the software interface. The trader is expected to subscribe to the service by providing a name and email address. After this your registration at Daily Binary Profits is done, the user will then be redirected to our recommended brokers page where a choice can be made from among the list of brokers.

Daily Binary Profits Trading Stratagy

DBPv7 completely changes the way it works with simplified binary options. Thanks to this platform it becomes possible to receive a stable income every trading day … Do not waste time and money in risky strategies that only clear accounts. You can spend only 20-25 minutes each day, and, for starters, get from $ 167 to $ 257.

The DBPv7 formula is a sequence of logical steps in combination with trading parameters … All of them are well known, but on this platform they have been improved and refined, creating a single trading system with many dimensions – right here and now.

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Latest User Reviews

Nir Holgard

who can share wild work with this company. What is the result or how many only cry about the result and in practice can not do anything.


I did not like. That site does not open, it is silent support. About the result is not worth saying. I get no more than 30% of the successful trade.

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