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Binary Options Robot

If you have any experience at all in binary options trading, I guess you’ve heard about binary auto-trade and binary trading robots that assist to the process of trading, and basically put money into your pocket! As for me, I’ve always had some doubts about robot trading. You know, I can hardly count on most people, but how can I let robot manage my money? No way. But sometimes making an exception out of curiosity is highly rewarding.

The guys I trade with were the first to tell me about Trade-Market Binary Trading Robot. The official description was the following: “Trade market is a program that helps to control risks of signals with higher security standards. Trade-Market Binary Options Robot automatically receives of up to 200 signals from the signal provider, using a set of the known algorithms and surveying them with a 12-hour data feed of a certain asset. Providing 50% of the applied algorithms consider the signal successful, TM facilitates the signal trading. That way, the trade size directly depends on the comparative percentage.

I found the idea quite tempting, but I was still rather hesitant. Despite the skepticism I dared to try. What made me do that was the free trial at Trade Market. I don’t find the services that offer completely no trial at all trustworthy. But in case of Trade Market you get 500$ to trade with for 3 days and make up your mind about it. You receive the profit you’ve made if you deposit money into your account.

The first thing that caught my eye was their interface. A Binary Options Robot dashboard, that is very easy to use, rather minimalistic, but yet all your needs are taken into account. Another remarkable thing is that with Trade Market Robot you can set the stop loss yourself. Stop loss is a particular limit, and only the trades with the trade size within the limit can bring you any profit or losses and will be traded in your account.

They say they have 75% success rate, and you can really take their word for that! The results were far from disappointing – I quickly doubled my demo to 500$!

That was a promising start and I tossed the idea around. My fellow traders, who told me about Trade Market spoke for the service, so I finally opted for investing some money. I put $5000 into my account and started following it. In a few weeks it dawned on me that I should take the bonus, as then I’d be able to set a bigger stop loss.

I’d like to mention a couple of things. The bonus at Trade Market Binary Options Robot is optional. It is available on your personal account page (you get one bonus for one deposit). But the condition is that if you take it, withdrawal is possible only after turning the bonus over 30 times. Another thing to bear in mind is a 4-months withdrawal restriction period. It means even if you’ve turned the bonus, withdrawal is available only 4 months after the first trade.

I always write detailed reviews, so I waited for the actual results before getting down to reviewing Trade-Market Binary Options Robot. We all know that the most stressful thing about any binary options service is withdrawal. In 4 months I withdrew money from Trade Market Binary Options Robot system. And it was a piece of cake! I thought the money would arrive in 7 days, but they did 3 days earlier! It’s no surprise that I continue using Trade Market and I would recommend you try it yourself.

Binary Options Robot
Just 3 steps to get started Binary Options Robot!

All you need is a just a few moments and 3 simple steps to get started with Automated Binary. Take a look at them:

1. Create an account at Automated Binary Option Robot absolutely for free and choose the broker you like
2. Decide the stop loss limit you prefer
3. Make a deposit and get rolling with the automated trading. It’s better to deposit 500$ (min 250$), because then you can take broker bonuses up to 200% and skyrocket your chances of huge profits.


Gena Soaul

Thank you for the article. I tried the Trade-Market system. I got 5000 profit per day. It’s incredible

Zonari Papperon

tell me how it turns out you. I opened a Trade-market demo account but do not have time to deal with trade

Gena Soaul

morning I drop stop loss. in the evening increased to 50% of my balance. The rest work TM binary options robot is doing himself. There’s even a kitten clear. No offense

Wenby Balemo

does it work? Do you already received the money in a bank account?

Gena Soaul

Yes, a month ago. Try. There is good Trade markek support, explain everything

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