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AlgoNest is a successful FinTech startup. In just two years, starting from 2013 they developed and tested an alpha version of the software product. In 2016, the beta version was released and the services were introduced to Clients.

AlgoNest is a robo-adviser that manages the algorithmic trading of currency pairs in foreign exchange markets. This innovative system applies various economic indicators that can affect the currency rates. The AlgoNest system in real time receives the value of a particular indicator. The algo software simultaneously processes numerous indicators, analyses them with the specially designed mathematical algorithm, and then places the order with the broker to buy the option of the currency pair. The mathematical model for calculating the algorithms is the AlgoNest know-how.

Over the past two years, AlgoNest has introduced 12 strategies that reflect the state of the economies which currencies are used in trading. Specifically, the labor market, oil, gold, real estate, retail trade, the mood of business and the population are analyzed.

AlgoNest also allows investing in bitcoins. And those investors, who invested in dollars, may convert their profits in bitcoins and withdraw to their BTC wallet.

What is behind of such high performance? Аutomated trading system AlgoNest is based on the compound interest in trading. Now, the system recalculates the balance monthly and all the money earned for the past month is involved in the next month trading balance. But the AlgoNest team does not stop there and moves even further. They have recently announced the release of an update, so the balance will be recalculated every week of trading, with the goal to make daily adjustments.

AlgoNest is quite a thing! I do not know whether they survive in a long run. But this team has created a terrific start-up, which can really make money. Dudes, what is really cool, is the profits at my account. I invested in December 2016. It was very risky of me as I risked a 10K. But voila, it worked! In August,I received as much as 87K. And it was quit smart to withdrew some profits in bitcoins. I just regret that I didn’t get all the amount in bitcoins.

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