344: Virtual Consulting: How to Start a Location-Independent Consulting Business

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Note: Click here to download Paul’s top tips for setting up a location-independent consulting business and landing your first clients from this episode.

A location-independent consulting business that replaces your day job income in a matter of months?

That’s what Paul Minors achieved with his virtual software consulting side hustle.

You might recognize Paul’s name. Paul is a productivity blogger and consultant from New Zealand. He was part of a fun productivity roundtable episode we did towards the end of 2016 — that was episode 197 if you want to go back and check it out.

At that time, Paul was putting the wheels in motion on his consulting business centered around specific software tools.

If you can hitch your cart to a rising tide of interest in a particular tool, and become the go-to expert in that space, you can do really well.

Paul was able to leave his day job within a couple of months of starting his business. He was then able to go traveling with his wife for 6-months while working 15-20 hours a week from his laptop.

After arriving back home, he started working full-time on his consulting business. “I noticed the impact of that straight away, within a couple of months I had doubled my income,” Paul told me.

It’s clear Paul has figured out this business model.

This episode is packed with ideas you might be able to apply to your own areas of expertise. Maybe you’ll even uncover some areas of expertise you never really considered that special before.

Tune in to hear:

  • How Paul came across the idea of offering his first consulting services “by accident.”
  • The several different marketing channels that drive targeted traffic to his website
  • How he’s added more products and services to his portfolio

Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

Click here to download Paul’s top tips for setting up a location-independent consulting business and landing your first clients from this episode.

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  • How Paul came across the idea to start offering consulting services.
  • How he set himself a goal to replace his day job income and did so in a few months.
  • The marketing tactics he used to double his income within two months of working on his business full-time.
  • How he built a landing page that converts well.
  • Why and how he added more products to his suite of services.
  • How he’s used affiliate and partnership programs to add another passive income revenue stream.
  • How he’s making money with digital products too.
  • Paul’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

Links / Next Steps

  • PaulMinors.com
  • Paul’s first appearance on the show – Episode 197
  • Download Paul’s free Virtual Consulting Blueprint
  • Asana
  • Clarity.fm | My guide on setting up your Clarity profile
  • Calendly
  • OptimizePress
  • PipeDrive
  • MailChimp
  • Zapier
  • TweetDeck
  • Easy Digital Downloads
  • Paul Jarvis’ appearance on episode 329

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