336: Direct to Consumer Product Research – How to Find Your Next Profitable Product

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chad rubin

Click here to download Chad’s top tips for finding and sourcing direct-to-consumer products from this episode.

“Everyone is researching a product, I’m telling you to research a problem,” Chad told me.

Chad Rubin runs ThinkCrucial.com, a profitable e-commerce business that he’s built by selling products that solve a pain point for people. Every product follows a direct-to-consumer strategy that lets him source and sell in-demand products efficiently and inexpensively.

Chad’s story began when he was laid off from his job on Wall Street. He started helping out at his parent’s vacuum shop, selling some of their inventory online.

He came to the realization that the profit margins were being eaten up by intermediaries along the supply chain, so he decided to get closer to the manufacturers to make more profit per sale, while still selling at a competitive price.

His first products, starting with what he knew, were vacuum filters. Once he had the blueprint down for selling at a higher margin than his competitors, Chad started sourcing new products to expand his product line, and he has an interesting and unusual way of finding product ideas.

Tune in to hear Chad’s unique take on product research, what he calls the “anti-Amazon opportunity,” and some sneaky ways you can connect with expert manufacturers.

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Click here to download Chad’s top tips for finding and sourcing direct-to-consumer products from this episode.

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  • How Chad comes up with new product ideas.
  • How he finds “pain points” to solve for consumers.
  • His tips for getting a competitive advantage over the competition.
  • How to find manufacturers to make your products.
  • Why he recommends selling outside of Amazon.
  • Some interesting tips and tricks Chad uses that we don’t typically hear from Amazon sellers.
  • Chad’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

Links / Next Steps

  • ThinkCrucial.com
  • Skubana
  • Cheaper, Easier, Direct
  • Keywords Everywhere
  • AMZ Suggestion Expander (Chrome extension)
  • Alibaba.com
  • Panjiva
  • Import Genius
  • Port Examiner
  • TESS Trademark Search

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