318: Pinterest Marketing for 2019 and Beyond: How to Get More Traffic

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Note: Click here to download Kate’s top tips for creating and optimizing your Pinterest account from this episode.

With 250 million active users, Pinterest is a content discovery platform nearly every blogger and business owner should be spending some time on.

The Pinterest tactics shared on this podcast in late 2015 by Rosemarie Groner were extremely effective … for a while.

But I began to see declines in traffic, and today Pinterest brings in perhaps a quarter of the visitors it used to.

Still, I’m convinced I could be doing better on the platform to reach more people and help more people with my content.

Just like Google, a top-ranking pin can bring in consistent qualified traffic month after month after month.

But also like Google, there’s a certain science to the Pinterest algorithm.

To help me breathe new life into my account — and walk through how you can do the same even if you’ve never used Pinterest before, I invited Kate Ahl from SimplePinMedia.com to join me on the show.

She’s an expert on all things Pinterest marketing, and in this episode, she breaks down everything I’m doing wrong and what you and I should be doing instead to start reaching more people and driving more traffic.

Tune in to hear the right way to set up your profile, how to set up and optimize your pins and boards to increase your reach, and how to rank you content in Pinterest’s search results to drive more traffic to your site.

Download the Free PDF Highlight Reel:

pinterest marketing 2019

Click here to download Kate’s top tips for creating and optimizing your Pinterest account from this episode.

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  • If Pinterest is the right platform for you and your type of business.
  • The right way to set up your profile.
  • How to use keywords in your titles and descriptions for maximum exposure.
  • How to set up your boards and the pros and cons of using group boards.
  • Whether or not you should be pinning and repinning other people’s content.
  • Tips for optimizing your pins.
  • The tools and plugins Kate recommends for Pinterest users.
  • Kate’s #1 tip for Side Hustle Nation.

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  • SimplePinMedia (Pinterest Profile)
  • Follow Side Hustle Nation on Pinterest
  • Tasty Pins (WordPress Plugin)
  • Social Warfare (WordPress Plugin)
  • Tailwind

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